Should Seniors Cover Funeral Expenses With Life Insurance?

Planning actively for your own funeral can certainly be an umpleasant experience, but however you may feel about it, it is one of the few certainties in life, that someday it will come to an end. That does not make life any less worth living, and the fact that you are making preparations for the inevitable means that you care enough about your surviving relatives to help them cope with your loss and to carry on with their own lives. Considering that, it has come to mind for many senior citizens that life insurance no medical questions policies can be used to cover funeral expenses.

whole-life-insurance-quotesWhen the inevitable end comes you will certainly want to leave your family with the option of being able to navigate the process of laying you to rest in accordance with your wishes. The process needs to be as hassle free as possible. If you have taken the decision to purchase insurance, have applied the policy to a particular funeral home and have priced and chosen your casket, burial plot, flowers and whatever else that might be needed, all that is left is to tell your family about it. An end plan does not have to be very complicated or to involve an attorney. The best course of action, at least in theory, would be a two step approach. First, tell your family and friends about the arrangements you have made and with whom. Second, prepare a written list of contacts and instructions for a specific family member to take responsibility in the aftermath of your death.

Uncertainty combined with grief has the potential of making the cost of end of life expenses very high. And since everyone wants to honor the memory of a loved one, your grieving family members could be especially vulnerable to the sales come-ons of funeral and memorial service providers. One more reason to consider the use of life insurance for covering funeral expenses.

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