No Medical Exam Life Insurance – The Fastest Way to Buy Coverage?

Applying for no medical exam life insurance is the fastest way to buy coverage. The whole underwriting process is very easy and very fast and you do not have to fill in a huge amount of paperwork.

searching online insuranceCompanies that sell this type of insurance provide the fastest response to any application request.  Selection criterions are few and very flexible, thus granting access to more categories of people.  It makes an excellent choice for people seeking life insurance for senior citizens or for sick people.  No exam life insurance is the only chance for people that would usually get rejected by companies selling other types of life insurance.

The whole underwriting process is greatly shortened because you no longer have to undergo various medical examinations and wait for results. All this stressful waiting lasted for several weeks. It can be quite discomforting, especially for senior citizens with heart disorders or with high blood pressure.

Since medical exams will no longer be necessary, the negotiations will take place in the same day and other methods will be used by the companies in order to find out more about the client. In most cases, companies will only ask you to fill in a simple questionnaire with medical questions or to bring some medical records.

The number of questions and their content varies for each insurer.  But most likely, they will ask if you suffer from cancer, HIV/AIDS or you have been declared terminally ill. Those are the only condition that would disqualify you from no exam life insurance.

Otherwise, other problems will not cancel your eligibility. If you have the right papers, the whole process will last just a couple of hours or even less.  You will get an answer in the same day. For that, no exam life insurance is the fastest way to acquire coverage.

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