Life Insurance No Medical Exams For Seniors Who Smoke!

If you are a senior and you want to get life insurance, you have reasons to be worried about. Furthermore, if you also smoke, then things can get even more complicated.  Few insurance agencies accept seniors over a certain age as their clients, and even fewer accept seniors who smoke as clients.  But, do not be disappointed, if this is also your case.

old people smokingLife insurance senior citizens no medical exams for seniors who smoker provide coverage for persons life you and you will have all the financial protection you need.

No matter if you smoke once every 2 or 3 months or daily, if you smoked in the past 12 months before you application, the insurance company will consider you a smoker. Carriers do not distinguish between regular smokers and occasional smokers, for them; there is the same risk for both categories.

In conclusion, no matter what you smoke and how often you will smoke, you will pay the same. And being old raises more doubts about your eligibility for life insurance. Choose companies selling no exam policies, if you do not want to have troubles finding life insurance suitable for your age and condition.

No medical exam life insurance carriers provide general acceptance for seniors who smoke, in exchange for higher premiums.  But premiums are not that expensive as you imagine and with a simple click you can get relevant no medical exam life insurance quotes.

Of course, the company will not ask you to undergo extensive medical exams and internal organs scans.  But they will ask for relevant medical documents and will ask you if there are major dysfunctions or sever injuries to your internal organs. We all know that smoking is a harmful habit and in time it can lead to several diseases, lung cancer being the most common and dangerous.

So, if you are a smoker, expect to pay more for premiums, with up to several hundreds of dollars more, per year. But all your saved money will be reimbursed when needed.

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