How to Find Life Insurance With No Medical Exam for Diabetes

PrintWhen you are sick, the need for protection becomes even more stringent. But a poor health or a disease make some protection services, including life insurance, unavailable.  Life insurance companies prefer to underwrite healthy persons, not people with a pre-existing medical condition.

Diabetes is one of those conditions that can make finding life insurance harder.  It is not impossible, but it will take more time. If you want to have the certainty of becoming insured, apply for no exam life insurance. We can tell you how to find life insurance with no medical exam for diabetes.

Diabetes has two main forms: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 requires insulin injections and it is more severe. Type 2 is typically found in adults and it can be easily controlled with a proper diet or treatment. As you can imagine, persons suffering of type 2 diabetes qualify easier. So, no matter what type of insurance you choose, you must specify the type of diabetes you are suffering of.

Also, you should specify if you have other medical problems or you have other complications related to diabetes. Diabetes can cause weight problems, hearth problems and even eye problems, all of them can be menacing to the life of the patient if not properly treated.

If you condition is stable, you should apply for no exam simplified issue plans. On the other hand, for persons with a more delicate medical condition, there are several available plans: guaranteed acceptance and graded death benefit being the most common and useful plans.

You can search online for life insurance companies selling these policies or you can talk with a specialized life insurance broker. No matter what method you choose, do not forget to obtain life insurance quotes and compare prices.

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