Can You Find Permanent Life Insurance Without Medical Exams?

No medical exam life insurance has always been a controversial option. Unlike medical examination based policies, this form of insurance requires less info from the potential buyer. Some companies do not even require any info at all and subscription is almost automatic.

life insurance with broker2Currently on the market we have a wide variety of no medical exam life insurance policies. This form of insurance is very adaptable and its length and price can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of each individual. So, the answer is “yes”, you can find permanent life insurance without medical exam.

There are several options to find permanent policies that do not require medical examinations. If you have a medical problem that makes you impossible to cover under standard policies, look for blogs and websites dedicated to persons that suffer of the same condition as yours.

You can search for a topic regarding life insurance or you can start a new one. See if there are any replies and if people can indicate a competent life insurance agency. If there are not so many helpful answers, you should change tactic and discuss more with a competent life insurance broker.

Again, you can find brokers specialized in finding life insurance for sick people or for senior citizens. Search for this type of people and once you have found some, ask for further guidance.  It is better though to work with competent brokers that have a good reputation and positive reviews from former clients.

A good alternative is to search on your own for those companies. Online life insurance brokerage websites can help you a lot.  Search for no medical exam life insurance quotes and compare existing results. Surely you will find forms that allow you to search whole life no exam life insurance quotes or quotes for similar permanent policies.

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