How to Buy Senior Life Insurance Without Medical Exams!

Life forces us to take many decisions with deep impact for ourselves and our families. One of these decisions is buying life insurance.  It is more of a moral obligation, with financial consequences. These consequences will help a family cope with the death of the policyholder.

romantic-senior-coupleDuring times of need, we acknowledge the importance of a certain product or service. Unfortunately this is also true for life insurance and numerous individuals apply for life insurance when they are too old to be covered by standard policies. However, on the insurance market there is a product capable of providing protection for senior citizens.  Senior life insurance without medical exams is a good alternative and we can tell you how to buy it.

No exam life insurance policy was regarded as a bad investment, or even worse, a hoax, by those that have obtained regular policies or those that do not understand it. The main reason for these claims is the high price of premiums.  Sometimes the premiums are double than those charged for standard policies.

But there is a good reason for asking more money. If you are applying for no medical exam life insurance, that means that your life expectancy is limited or you are approaching its limits. You are either sick or old and below the standards of any insurance company.  Companies have certain categories of clients, like: Premium, Normal, Standard or Sub-Standard.  If you do not qualify even for sub-standard, the company will have to refuse you. Medical exams or birth certificate/ ID card will constitute legit reasons for their refusal.

In order to buy no exam life insurance, you must first find an authorized company. Luckily, the internet is teeming with websites that lead to no exam insurance companies.  Better check for no exam quotes, compare prices and select 2 or 3 companies with affordable policies.  Then contact them and settle a meeting.

There, you will be given a short form and a questionnaire with medical questions. Your papers and answers will be processed really fast and you will be contacted immediately by the company.

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