5 Advantages Of Having No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

Having no medical exam life insurance can be very advantageous! These types of plans offer a simple underwriting process and are issue in less than 24 hours. No medical exam life insurance for seniors is very accessible for people who are older than 65 years or who have a pre-existing medical condition.

insurance-over-65Here are 5 advantages of having no medical exam life insurance!

1.       No medical exams

The worst part of getting life insurance is taking medical examinations. You need to visit several doctors and give blood, urine samples and take several examinations. Needles to say, all of these are time consuming and it can even prevent you from getting coverage. In order to avoid medical examinations and still get life coverage, you can apply for no medical exam life insurance and get a policy much easier!

2.       It is fast

These types of policies are issued in less than 24 hours. Compare this to the time it takes for a traditional policy to be issued: from three to six weeks.

3.       It is available for seniors

No medical exam life insurance for seniors can offer good insurance opportunities for elders who need coverage. People who are older than 65 years cannot get a traditional life insurance policy like term or whole life coverage. But, policies that do not require medical examinations can insure people up to the age of 90 years!

4.       You can cover your funeral costs

Funeral expenses are a big concern for many families. Paying for a funeral is not only urgent, but very expensive too! A typical burial ceremony can amount up to $10,000. By having a simple no medical exam life insurance for seniors’ policy, you do not have to worry that you will not be properly buried!

5.       You will have peace of mind

Having a simple life insurance policy can bring you much needed peace of mind during retirement. By having coverage, you know that your family is financially protected and you can relax and enjoy your retirement!

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