3 Misconceptions About No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

No exam life insurance, although intensely criticized in the past, has become more and more appreciated. Still, many people doubt about its benefits. Top 3 misconceptions about no medical exam life insurance are:

worried-older-couple1)     It is too expensive. Yes, no medical exam life insurance is typically more expensive than traditional policies, but the price does not reach astronomical values. Like in the case of any other policy, the price is influenced by a series of factors.

These factors are common for other policies: age and health. The only difference is that now you will actually get coverage if you are sick or old.  You will get cheaper premiums if you are old and in good health, or if you have a treatable chronic disease, but you are young.

2)     It offers few options.  In fact, there are plenty of options, more than standard policies. You can get term life protection, permanent protection and other types of insurance. They all cover your needs and goals and.

For example, if your only goal is to save money and make it easier for the family to cover the burial expenses, you can always select final expense insurance from your carrier.  There are also different rating plans like: simplified issue no exam life insurance, guaranteed acceptance no exam life insurance.  Although coverage amounts are limited to several hundreds of thousands of dollars, it leaves plenty of room for obtaining an affordable and advantageous deal.

3)     There are not so many sellers. Only in US we have millions of people that are either too old or too sick to qualify for standard policies. This represents a significant segment of the total U.S. population.

Many companies recently realized that even this segment represents a good business opportunity and began selling adequate policies, especially no medical exam life insurance policies. So, you do not have to worry about not finding an insurer, there are plenty carriers and if you search on the internet, you will surely find them.

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