3 Life Insurance Plans That Offer High-Risk Coverage!

Heart-CheckUp-SeniorLife insurance companies do not like to take risks and insure too many people that present life-threatening diseases or disorders. Gambling on the life expectancy of a person is something that insurers do, but not when the odds are against them. As a direct consequence, few companies are willing to offer support for risk impaired cases.

Finding risk impaired life insurance agents becomes crucial if you want to obtain life insurance. In this blog we will present 3 life insurance plans that offer high-risk coverage. Probably the most know ones are the ones in which you apply for life insurance without an exam.

1)      Whole life insurance. It may seem crazy to consider the classical whole life insurance as a plan that offers support for risk-impaired citizens. Partially this is true, because you can hardly get it if you are sick. But if you already have it, you can transform whole life insurance in a policy suitable for your condition. All you have to do is to add several riders. The most efficient riders in this case are: long term medical care, waiver of premiums, return of premiums and accelerated death benefits rider.

2)      No medical exam life insurance. We all know that no exam policies are tolerant with sick people. They are excellent even for people with chronic diseases. However, there are some limits and people in a terminal condition are not allowed to subscribe. You can get no exam term life insurance or no exam whole life insurance no medical exam policies. The only difference is costs.

3)      Final expense insurance. It is a very cheap policy and it is bought only to help the family pay for ulterior funeral costs.  Even people with medical problems can apply for it.

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